If the only information I had on pesticide safety came from the newspapers and television, I would be too scared of these chemicals to ever be working with them daily as an exterminator. I certainly canít blame the general public for their concern about pesticide safety.

However, I get my information on this subject not from the media, but from entomologists and toxicologists, in other words, people who actually know what they are talking about.

I unknowingly learned the basic tenet of toxicology in college freshman year when I found out that it takes more beer to get a 200 pound person drunk than it does to get a 100 pound person drunk. The dose makes the poison. This discovery by the Greeks over 2000 years ago remains the basic tenet of toxicology to this day. It is all based on body weight. Everything, in large enough quantities, is poisonous, and nothing, in small enough quantities is poisonous.

The pesticides in use today are diluted until they are only effective against something that weighs as much as a bug. They are biodegradable, thus they donít "build up."

I have been learning about pesticide safety for over 20 years, because this subject impacts me much more than the general public, as I handle the pesticides in their concentrated form. My customers only have their homes treated with the diluted pesticide. If I ever determined that I was putting myself in danger by my choice of employment, I would get out of pest control and find something else to do.

As far as I can determine, and I have been looking for over 20 years, there are NO scientific studies that have ever found any of the commonly used pesticides harmful!  But, you may ask, what about all of the scientific studies that the newspapers and television headline all the time? One of two things: 1: either they are later determined to be invalid by additional studies (but these stories are never "headlined," or even reported at all,) or, 2: they are found to be intentionally designed to reach a pre-determined outcome and therefore, were never actually "scientific" studies at all.

In my studies, I have collected numerous articles by scientists about pesticide safety and of the hoaxes by "environmental" groups designed to scare the public and raise vast amounts of money in the process. Please contact me for copies of some of these articles.